September 18th-22nd, 2017


Monday:   Finish plotting out Volcanoes on Grid map                   
Tuesday:   Guest, no homework               
Wednesday:   Guest, no homework           
Thursday:   Investigation                                             friday: 


Monday:   Vocabulary page 75
Tuesday:  Finish reading "The Horned Toad Prince" and write a paragraph stating "evidence" that proves it a fairytale
Wednesday: Study vocabulary and selection for test on Thursday
Thursday:  Test, No homework


Monday:  No Homework
Tuesday:  Study Notes          
Wednesday:  Write a paragraph about how you, as a Baptized Christian, can spread the good news                                     
Thursday: Study notes, test on Chapter 3 next Tuesday


Monday:     pages 67-68   
Tuesday:    pages 73-74                                
Wednesday:   pages 79-80     
Thursday:   Pages 85-86         
Friday:  No homework


  New Words:   prairie, calorie, honey, valley, money, finally, movie, country, empty, city, rookie, hockey, collie, breezy, jury, balcony, steady, alley, trolley, misty
Monday:  page 77 
Tuesday:  Write a sentence for 10 spelling words
Wednesday:  Make a word Search on Graph paper using spelling words                                          Thursday:  spelling test on Friday


Monday:   Working on identifying nouns    
Tuesday:   Finish workbook page 17-18 if needed;Check your spelling Sentences for proper capitalization and punctuation
Wednesday: Check your Religion paragraphs for complete sentences, indentation of first sentence and proper capitalization and punctuation
Thursday:  Be able to identify nouns on Reading Test