April 15-19, 2019

Holy Week


                            School Theme:  One heart, One Mind, one Faith

    Virtue of the month:  Obedience

* Assignments are subject to change                                                    


Monday:  Lab to examine if shape affects volume; weighing items on a scale

Tuesday:  Discuss changes in Matter:  Learn about mixtures and compounds

Wednesday:  Presentations on Matter

Thursday:  E60-E61 questions in class

Friday:  Good Friday-no School

READING:    Book reports due May 13        

Monday:  Unit 5 Test; Story Telling Project

Tuesday:  Unit 5 Test; Story telling Project; Three Billy Goats Gruff

Wednesday:  Unit 5 test; Story telling project

Thursday:   First performance of story with class

Friday:  Good Friday-No school

RELIGION:  Practice Holy Spirit Prayer (Oral quiz end of this Month)

 Monday:  Unit 4 Rubric sent home; Adoration; Finish pages 135-136/  Holy Week

Tuesday:  Study for Unit Test/Holy Week lesson

Wednesday:  Quiz on 10 commandments/Holy week lesson

Thursday:  Compete page 137 in class on Jesus' Self-Giving love

Friday:   Good Friday; no school                                                 


Monday:  Periods in  sentences and Abbreviations, pages 77-78

Tuesday:  Periods in titles, page 79-80

Wednesday:  Commas, page 81-82

Thursday:  Quotations, pages 83-84

Friday: Good Friday, no School

SPELLING:  Test will be Next Week, April 26th

stomach, science, gravel, normal, memory, remember, difficult, notify, Canada, forget, fortune, privilege, element, suppose, giant, cement, mystery, iron, architect, yesterday

bonus words:  TBA

Alternative List #1:  crunch, bench, lunch, bunch, munch

Bonus:  hunch, punch

Alternative List #2: numb, limb, bombed, thumb, climber, rhino, rhubarb, rhinestone, rhombus, rhyme

Bonus:  autumn, succumb, lambkin, rhinoceros

Monday:  Write each word twice 

Tuesday:  Study



Monday: Finish homework sheet.

Tuesday: Finish homework sheet.

Wednesday: Finish p. 683-684.

Thursday: Finish homework sheet.

Friday:  Good Friday


Students need to be getting a costume and memorizing their wax museum speeches for Apr. 30.

Monday: Finish sheet 71-72.  Continue studying the mountain region (chapter 9) states/capitals & map, vocabulary, and notes, as well as the pages on vegetation maps.

Tuesday:  Study for test.

Wednesday: Chapter 9 Test

Thursday: No additional homework.