Assignments (Subject to change)

On Tuesday, November 14th, Sr. M. Jacinta will be out for a funeral

November 13th-17th, 2017


Monday:  Final notes; D16-23       
Tuesday:   Study for Test
Wednesday:  Test on Earth's Water (Lessons 1 and 2)
Thursday:  Lab
Friday:    Motions in the ocean Exploration                               


Monday:  Read "So You want to be President?", pages 290-301;vocabulary page 155
Tuesday:  Final draft of Thankful paragraphs need to be finished
Wednesday: Begin Persuasive papers on "Why I should be President" with 3 reasons to support or "Why I should NOT be President" with 3 Reasons why not; Study selection and vocabulary for test
Thursday:  Comprehension test; vocabulary test

Friday:  No homework; read Saint book for book report

Religion:   CHapter 7:  We Worship God

Monday:  No homework
Tuesday: Read pages 41-44
Wednesday:  No homework                        
Thursday:  Study for Chapter 7 Test

Friday:  Chapter 6 test

Social Studies

Tuesday:                                                                                            Wednesday:  
See Mrs. Case's Site for more assignments 


Monday:   pages 219-220
Tuesday:  pages 225-226                   
Wednesday: pages 231-232
Thursday:  Pages 239-240                                                              
Friday:   No Homework

SPelling:  Words with ear, ir, our, ur

return, courage, surface, purpose, first, turkey, heard, early, turtle, birthday, journal, courtesy, nourish, purse, furniture, search, curtain, burrow, hamburger, survey

Monday:  Pretest; Page 157 (in class assignment
Tuesday:  Study words
Wednesday:  Study Words
Thursday:  Write words twice in cursive

Friday:  Spelling Test today!


Monday:  Irregular Verb packet; due Wednesday
Tuesday:  Work on packet
Wednesday: Adjective poems in class; turn in Irregular verb packet
Thursday:  Adjective poems (If not completed)

Friday: No homework