January 22-26th, 2018 


Monday:  Review Game; Study for Test
Tuesday:  Chapter 10 Test on Matter;no homework
Wednesday:  Introduction to Chapter 11; no homework
Thursday:   Bring in a small mixture of 2 or 3 items in a small sandwich bag with your name on it.
Friday:   Mixture lab; notes on lesson 1 of Chapter 11- No Homework                 


Monday:  Preparation for Unit 3 Test: Please use this week to read your book report books and make a cover jacket to display   
Tuesday:   Unit 3 Test, Part 1: 
Wednesday:  Unit 3 Test
Thursday; Unit 3 TesT
Friday:  No Homewokr


Monday:  Review and catch up of lessons on the Holy Mass
Tuesday:   Begin Introductory rites; The Cross                                                          
Wednesday:   Outline for contents; Finish lessons on Introductory Rites                                Thursday:   Liturgy of the word; Study introductory rites in order for Quiz                 Friday:  Quiz


Tuesday:  Pronoun Review, study for test tomorrow
Wednesday:  Test on Pronouns
Friday:  No Homework


Monday:   Review for Fraction, Chapter 6 Test; study and practice
Tuesday:    Chapter 6 Test
Wednesday:   Cumulative Quiz, Introduction to Chapter 7;and What do you know pages;Study Math facts                 Thursday:    pages 389-390
Friday:    no homework                               
SPELLING: contractions
don't, you're, shouldn't, they're, won't, doesn't, couldn't, it's, wouldn't, I've, where's, we've, there's, here's, hadn't, when's, haven't, aren't, wasn't, we're
Bonus:  Surprise word         
Monday:  Pretest                                                                       Tuesday:  Partner study; no homework                             Wednesday: Work with contractions; no homework         Thursday:  Study for Test; if needed                                   Friday:  Test