January 14th-18th, 2019


                                            School Theme:  One heart, One Mind, one Faith

    Virtue of the month:  fidelity

being faithful to promises and commitments

Monday is the beginning of third quarter.  The work gets a little more difficult this quarter.  Please Stress to your child the importance of doing his or her best to be successful and prepared and ready for fifth grade.  I will be expecting neat word with effort shown on all assignments.  They are a bright group and I want them to reach High! WE have so much learn ahead of us!

  John Bosco Play rehearsals this week.  Assignments are subject to change, please check your child's assignment notebooks     *First dress Rehearsal is on Thursday:  11:00-12:00                                                                                                    


Monday::  Notes on Asteroids, Meteors and other space objects;Finish research
Tuesday: Introduction on Water and Weather chapter; Prediction on Circle graphs; Homework:  Finish circle graphs if not complete

Wednesday:   Water Facts game; no homework                            Thursday:  finish illustrating and labeling an Estuary          Friday:  Practice for Play


January book report:  Biography due in February (Date to be announced due to play)

Monday:  read "Paul Bunyan"                                                                  Tuesday:   Creation of a "tall Tale" character                              Wednesday:    Review selection and study vocabulary words for quiz                                                                               Thursday:   Quiz on "Paul Bunyan"                                                       Friday: No homework.

RELIGION:  Memorize lines for St. John Bosco

Act of Love--end of 3rd Quarter                                                        O my God,                                                                                                        I love you above all things,                                                          with my whole heart and soul,                                                because you are all good and worthy of all my love.        I love my neighbor as myself,                                                            for the love of you.                                                                                  I forgive all who have injured me,                                           and I ask pardon of all whom I have injured.  Amen.

Monday:   What is sin? Pages 67 to 69                                                     Tuesday:   Notes on the consequences of sin                               Wednesday:   sin and natural consequences, Genesis 4:7, pages 70-71; finish page 71 if not completed                                     Thursday:   Why we sin, pages 72-73 together in class               Friday:       St. John Bosco Play rehearsal                  


Monday:                                                                                           Tuesday:                                                                                       Wednesday:                                                                                 Thursday:                                                                                            Friday: 

SPELLING:  Its, Ours, mine, yours, family's, families', man's, men's, girl's, girls', hers, theirs, brother's, brothers', teacher's, teachers', aunt's, aunts', boy's, boys'

Bonus: witness's, witnesses

Modified List#1: smaller, taller, colder, bolder, holder, longer, kinder, milder, mixer, kicker

Bonus:  blender, rancher, stinger

Modified List #2:  costly, frosting, boost, roost, salty, halt, malt, exalted, talk, chalky

Bonus:  Beanstalk, asphalt, cobalt, permafrost 

Monday: Write words 3 times in cursive

Tuesday:  Write ten sentences using the spelling words

Wednesday:  Study words

Thursday:  Study for Test              


Mon: Finish in class sheets, if needed.

Tues: Mid-chapter check up (ch. 6).

Wed: Finish p. 363-364.

Thurs: Finish p. 369-370.

Fri: Finish p. 375-376.


Be studying the map and states/capitals for the mid west region.

Mon: Finish sheet 56-57. Vocab., p. 252 is due today.

Tues: Define vocab. p. 258.

Wed: Define vocab. p. 264.

Thurs: Finish sheet 60.

Fri: Chapter 7 test is next Wednesday.