March 29-April 3, 2020                             

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"Love God, Serve God; everything is in that." 

St. Clare          

        DUE TO The fact that we have lunch late in our day, your child may bring in a peanut free, tree nut free snack.  Please make sure they have a utensil when snacks require this.  

Grading System:

A+  = 100%       A =  95-99%     A- = 94%

B+  = 93%          B = 87-92%       B- = 86%

C+ = 85%           C = 77-84%       C- =76%

D+ = 75%           D = 69-74%       D- = 68%

Any behavior that affects our safe learning environment or disrupts our class community will be redirected and a logical consequence will occur.

Four steps will be followed:

  1. Take a break-The student will be asked to “take a break” in the classroom to think about behavior and join in the class when they feel they can be engaged, active learners. (This time does not necessarily mean they are in trouble…they may be daydreaming or not focused on the lesson etc.).
  2. Take a break (2nd time)-If a student is asked to take a break another time by the same teacher, they will not be able to join the classroom community until the teacher has time to speak to him or her and invite him back.
  3. Go to another classroom (3rd offense) – If your child has a third offense in the same day, he or she will be sent to another teacher’s room until the teacher has the opportunity to speak with him/her. Whatever academic work is missed during this time will be a homework requirement. An email will go home notifying you of this situation.
  4. Meet with the principal, teacher, and parents-When a student’s behavior has not improved by the 4th offense, this is the time we’ll need to meet as a team to come up with a plan to help the student in this area.


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